Weakly Menu  

From 15.4 till 19.4.2024

Daily menu


Sweet cabbage soup / Broth 

Chicken steak, sage butter, polenta, tomato salad 

Pork risotto with cheese and pickle 

Salad with poached egg and hollandaise sauce 


"Liptov" sour soup / Broth 

Beef stew, dumpling 

Baked chicken thigh in wine, mashed potatoes, canned fruit  

Pasta with ratatouille, parmesan, arugula 


Garlic cream soup with bear garlic gnocchi / Broth 

Crispy pieces of cod, baked potatoes, tomato salsa 

Pancakes filled with minced meat, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese 

Baked broccoli with cheese, vegetable salad 


"Kulajda" soup / Broth 

Meat stew in potato pancake 

Roasted pork shoulder, horseradish sauce, dumplings 

Baked potato with grilled vegetables, chicken and cream dip 

Tripe soup 



Fried upper chicken leg with spring  onion potatoes and wild garlic 

Apricot dumplings with cottage cheese and apricot sauce 

Antipasta plate with homemade bread 

Offer that you can always order:


burger with chutney and cheddar*

burger with bacon and cheddar*

burger with bacon and jalapenos*

burger with fried camembert*

vegan burger*

~meat supplier company: KRAVA&CO~






with salmon nuggets*

with chicken nuggets*

with grilled chicken*



veg. salad with marinated root beat and tofu 300g*

veg. salad with tomatoes and mozzarella 300g*

veg. salad with chicken  300g*

veg. salad with salmon nuggets 300*

veg. salad with grilled chicken 300g*

veg. salad with chicken nuggets 300*

veg. salad with quinoa, dried cranberries and walnuts 300g*

vegetable salad ( free choice ) 100g*

vegetable salad  Mix 150g*



double hot dog with jalapenos 250g*


French fries
potato 150g*

sweet potato 150g* 

potato " chips" 100g* 



soup ( according to daily offer) 0,25l*

soup " special" ( according to daily menu) 0,45l*

chicken nuggets 150g*

pork cutlet 200g*

fried camembert 120g*

salmon nugets 150g*




Draft "poctivá kola"

Draft "poctivá baza" 

Draft non alcoholic beer ( brewed in Liptovskom Mikuláši "Nilio Brewery"

Draft beer ( alcohol)

Different variety of non alcoholic beverages

Coffee :

DL Coffee from Vietnam  https://www.dlcoffee.sk

Tea (black, green, fruit)